How desperate am I to get on a plane?

It’s been 17 days since I got off the plane home.  It’s another 19 days until I fly to Minneapolis (and turn around that evening to fly home).

The last stretch I had at home that was 36 or more days was 4/23/11 to 6/17/11.  Since then I’ve been on 78 flights.

I’ve got the itch.   How bad is it?  I’m listening to Pandora and heard a song I liked so I checked out the band’s tour dates.  When I saw they were in N. America this summer, I immediately started looking for weekend dates where I could fly out to a show.  Then I realized building a trip around a band where I’ve only ever heard one of their songs seemed crazy.

Maybe I should listen to 2 or 3 songs before plunking down the miles on a trip.  And maybe I should talk to my wife.  Hmph.

Seems like I should blog this rather than just emailing my one friend that still doesn’t seem like they mind hearing about this stuff.

Back to work.  I’m addicted.  Behavior and subsequent realizations like this prove it.


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