83% off Amex GC at Winn Dixie?

“Wow…. I’ve never rang up such a large total before” said the Winn Dixie clerk as I checked out. I’m getting ahead of myself though.

As we close out Q2/2012’s bonus categories (5% aka 5 UR per $) of groceries and movie theaters on the Chase Freedom card, we were both well short. We picked up $500 in Winn Dixie gift cards for next month but were still $2,000 short of maxing out the bonus. I decided to get one $500 Amex GC with a $5.95 fee. and accept that we only got half way there. You do need to find ways to spend the Amex GC after all and I’m pretty busy with my Ink Bold and Amex Prepaid.

As I checked out though, I noticed the fee was reduced from $5.95 to $1 on the one gift card I had which maxed out my wife’s Freedom card.

Unable to resist the deal, I ran by the house and picked up my Chase Freedom card and headed back for 3 more plus a few misc items so, yeah, we just had a $1,500+ grocery bill.

So, a combined $2k in Amex GC’s for $4 cost (.2%) which resulted in 10k Chase UR worth $100 in cash or, if you value the UR at $.016 each, $160.

I’ve got a few ways to liquidate these coming up. Our car insurance, with Progressive, is due pretty soon and we can pay via an Amex through Paypal at no cost. We also prepay our energy bill which charges a flat fee of $2.95 on a payment up to $1,000.

On a different note, it looks like tropical storm Debby is slowly turning east. Hope things aren’t too bad for those in Florida and the eastern side of the gulf coast.


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