A sad anniversary

In this hobby, it pays to track the details. Looking at a spreadsheet where I plan out my major spending patterns to maximize bonus categories and spending targets, I noticed a sad anniversary.

It was exactly one year ago today that I made my final successful order from the US Mint. It happened to be for 500 $1 James Madison coins. It largely satisfied the spending goal my wife’s Barclays Airtran visa whose credits were used for a fun weekend trip to DC. For what it’s worth, I’m sad to see Airtran fold into Southwest too!

Despite all those deliveries, my UPS delivery guy never did ask though the one at our office didn’t say much after my coworker told him they were bullets. That made me a bit nervous!

On the night it died, I cracked open a nice bottle of Scotch I’d had for a while. Seemed an appropriate occasion.

It was a good run that I and the mint had. I kept a fair number and have been using the coins for a year but I’m just about out. Perhaps 50 to go… I wonder if there’s any of that Scotch left.


One comment

  1. That is history we all will miss. I would like a drink now too!

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