Weekend Wrapup

First of all, thanks for Stefan @ Rapid Travel Chai for the generous comments today. I’ve really got no particular sense of direction with where I’m going with all this and haven’t been seeking out traffic but it’s definitely gratifying to receive the encouragement. Thanks. Humbled.

Just a few quick updates today…

When I was a kid, I remember a ski trip where we drove up to Duluth, MN and stayed at the Radisson there which included a top floor restaurant that rotated. I must have been 10 or so and I was excited about that. I must have been expecting a tilt-a-whirl or at least a merry-go-round like level of excitement. No luck there – those things are slow. As an adult, I can see why running a restaurant on a tilt-a-whirl would be challenging but still… If you are looking for that sort of thing though, have a few drinks in the quarter and then hed over to the Carousel bar and, despite being slow, it might just feel like a tilt-a-whirl. Anyway, it cemented Radisson as being special in my memory. I’ve not stayed in many Carlson family hotels in recent years.

On Friday night, we ventured up to the Radisson Baton Rouge to complete our two stays for the Big Night Giveaway. This was a strange hotel. I wanted to take some photos of the lobby but felt awkward since we were the only ones there. It was a strange, strange amalgamation of shapes reminiscent of the 1980’s, updates from the 2000’s like pendant lighting, and an overzealous embrace of the color which I think included LSU Tiger purple and yellow with Mardi Gras purple, gold, and green with a couple more thrown in for good measure. Strange. Very strange. In the room, my wife was most intrigued by the faux wood floors.

As for a quick bit of points math – We paid 5000 Club Carlson points and $66 + taxes minus 10% back from Top Cash Back. The net of it should ultimately be somewhere around $66 cash paid and we’ll earn 47-50k once it posts. That equates to buying the Club Carlson points for around $.0014 or less each which is within my guideline of not paying more than 33% of a points value.

Incidentally, we also went out to see Ted. Expect what you’ve seen in the previews but longer. We enjoyed it. The theater was in a mixed use development called Perkins Rowe. On seeing it, my wife worried that she could see someone proposing a similar master plan for NOLA’s french quarter which would truly disneyfi it. I hope that doesn’t happen.

On another topic…

My Choice Hotel point transfer completed after about a week. I must be part of a small minority that did this without flying or Southwest credit cards. My first use – I’ll likely be using it for a quick weekend trip with my wife to Chattanooga, TN where she’ll attend a conference and I’ll work remotely for a day and explore an area I’ve never been do.  We just need to nail down a few conference details before locking it in. I’m excited.

Anyway, this is more than I anticipated writing…something that happens nearly every time. If you read this far, I’m humbled.


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