Don’t Forget to Make a Green Choice

Dang! I was just packing up before checking out of the Sheraton Read House in Chattanooga when I stumbled onto this offer of 500 SPG per night or $5 voucher for each night we turned down housekeeping (excluding the day of departure). With a 3 night stay, we’d have been able to pick up 1000 SPG for the 1st and 2nd nights and we certainly don’t need new linens every day.

Gotta keep an eye out for these. There’s nothing on here about excluding award stays so I’m pretty sure I could’ve reduced our 10k SPG stay down to 9k making an award that was already a bargain (at over $.06/SPG) an even better bargain. I hate missing out on free SPG points.

Update: I happened to have been in the room each time housecleaning came by mid-morning and had declined housekeeping. On our way out, Mrs. Points asked nicely and without any expectations, whether they could code our room for the 1000 (500 * 2 nights) points. Lo and behold, they arrived in her account this AM. The Read house consistently impressed us.


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  1. […] Points Unseen reminds me that some Starwood hotels will give you 500 Starwood points or a $5 food and beverage credit for each night you decline housekeeping via the Make a Green Choice initiative. […]

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