No Grand Slam? Transfer e-Rewards to Hertz!

Last month, I broke down what I thought was a fair value for a Hertz Gold Plus Point. While I settled on $.07/point, it wasn’t easy and could vary dramatically based on your individual situation. While investigating for the post though, I noted how hard it was to generate free car rentals without, you know, paying to rent cars which is exactly what I’m trying to avoid! In the course of writing it though, I discovered that e-Rewards credits 500 Hertz points for $60 in e-Rewards credit. Note that despite the dollar sign, e-Rewards cannot be converted into anything worth $60. From here out, I’ll note it as $60ER.

At 500 points for $60ER, we net $35 in real value by transferring to Hertz if you value those at $.07. I think that’s about as good as you can do and if you’re facing expiration issues with your e-Rewards, it’s really hard to do worse than to transfer to Hertz. In fact, I think this is about twice as valuable as any of the many other hotel/airline that I could transfer to. Combine this with no other means I know of to get Hertz points without renting and it’s a no brainer.

Having noticed that and having generated $50ER in e-Rewards for the US Air Grand Slam promo which isn’t happening and facing expiration of those credits, I did an occasional survey over the last month and brought myself up to $60ER.

On transferring, it does note that the names on the e-Rewards account must match the Hertz account name. And it conveniently offers a link to correct your e-Rewards account name. Just in case, ya know.

That said, there is perhaps one situation where you may want to transfer to another partner – when you’re sitting just shy of an award. 24k US Air isn’t worth much and if $50ER transfers to 1k US which gets you a bookable ticket, that’s worth quite a lot for sure.

I’m not sure if I’ll actively generate more e-Rewards but if you’ve got some to burn, I can’t recommend Hertz points enough!

UPDATE: Submitted the request on a Wednesday, points arrived at Hertz 2 days later.

UPDATE #2: Be aware that the T&C at e-Rewards limit transfers of e-Rewards to Hertz to once per quarter. As noted in my prior coverage of Hertz Gold Plus points, they can be transferred to a spouse so we transferred the second batch to Mrs. Points and she can consolidate them to my account later. We’re almost up to 3000 Hertz points assuming the 2nd transfer completes successfully.

UPDATE #3: 2nd transfer took about a week, arriving on Saturday.


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  1. Data point: I once experimented and tried to redeem my e-rewards points into a friend’s Hertz account. The points never posted, but I contacted e-rewards and they put the points in my account. Ultimately it worked out well since I got two Hertz redemptions in one quarter.

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