Best Western Ends Best Rate Guarantee

I was looking for an inexpensive, basic hotel recently and started with one of my favorite approaches, one that I referenced just a week ago. I always meant to detail that approach (though as usual Loyalty Traveler did a good job) but in a nutshell, it was quite easy to find a relatively inexpensive Best Western, locate a price mismatch, and invoke a Best Rate Guarantee (BRG) where they’d issue you a $100 BW gift card. Often times this could make the stay free or better and you’d even earn points/credit for the stay. It was great. Too great I guess as it’s now nowhere to be found.

After noticing that, I checked Flyertalk and the death of this great program occurred around September 23rd, 2012 per tMonk1. The old T&C link no longer works and you can’t find any references on their site. Small consolation that MDtR-Chicago reports the international version of the BRG still works as it offers only 10% off the lower rate and that explains why the claim form is still there as it appears both US and international BRG’s used the same web form. All that said, I’d be wary of the international BRG as well since you can’t find the international BRG links on itself, only via a search engine.

Not much more to say on this. It was fun while it lasted but honestly too good to live for long.


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