Stray Odds and Ends – Oct 4 2012

A random recap of some recent posts and a few off-the-cuff comments…

The 32-credit widely targeted Airtran credit card offer from Chase has been generating quite a bit of traffic and it’s worth noting that it expires today, October 4th. In the meantime, a 16 credit offer page has went public. A notable update is that it appears that the Chase card extends the expiration of these credits from 1 year to 2 years, as the old Barclays card does, as I speculated it would. This and other updates are included in my original post.

Researching how best to use my $100 American Airlines credits for since I don’t often fly AA. I’ve got two personal AA cards and one business recently for a nice 150k AA. In the not too distant future, Mrs. Points will probably pick up another 2 personal. Wouldn’t want to leave any card benefits unused! This might play into a major status shift from my Delta Diamond to…maybe AA.

Transferred a few spare BMI points to BA Avios to consolidate accounts. That was a program I think I really missed out on…

As the Airtran offer’s been getting all my traffic, I think my post about transferring e-Rewards to Hertz might’ve been missed. One transfer complete, one more in progress and I’ve been updating that post with a few additional bits. I’m not sure which I like less, paying for rental cars or filling out surveys, but if you or someone you know has some e-Rewards, it’s worth looking at this option. Remember also that spouses or domestic partners can transfer Hertz points to each other.

We max out our quarterly Chase Freedom bonus categories for 5 Ultimate Rewards per dollar, up to $1,500. Last quarter, we almost max’ed both cards between gas and restaurants but finished them off with some gas gift cards. Looking ahead to Oct 1 to Dec 31 though, I’m not really sure how I’ll pull it off given that the categories are Kohls, Best Buy, Airlines, and Hotels (booked directly)! What spending we do on hotels and airfare typically goes to branded cards and while it may do better on the Freedom card, I’d rather find another way. My wireless mouse died an odd death today and I headed over to Best Buy for a new one so that’s $27 spent. I wasn’t very excited about their gift card options ($200 Visa debit card with a $5.95 fee). Some like Kindle gift cards that can be used at Amazon but I already have too much Amazon credit as it is. This is the first quarter without an obvious strategy for me. Nonetheless, the Chase Freedom remains my most valuable fee-free card.

Mrs. Points approved the trip to Barcelona for Thanksgiving. Currently it’s booked (cancellable) on Delta/Air France in low using SkyPesos but now that I’ve got approval, I’m hoping to find a better AA/UA itinerary. The phantom Lufthansa F availability is pretty frustrating though my first choice would be business class on AA on the MIA-BCN route (no F cabin available). That said, with less than 2 months to go, a very tight schedule, and fighting with domestic availability at Thanksgiving, I’m doubtful I’ll be able to improve on what we’ve got already. I’ll be working it though and I am looking forward to my first A380 (assuming I say on the Air France trip).

RIP Best Western BRG.


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