Raised in Wisconsin and the Twin Cities of Minneapolis/St. Paul, I happily relocated with my wife to New Orleans after the storm. Along with the move south (but NOT to the south), I realized just how expensive getting back to see family was going to be and that my small stash (it seemed big at the time!) of about 100,000 Northwest miles just wasn’t going to cut it.

6 months after the move, I stumbled onto a blog covering an incredible credit card offer and it eventually led me into the rabbit hole. Didn’t see that coming! How I was online for so long (~1991) and never found a community doing exactly what I’d been doing alone for 10+ years still eludes me.

Miles/points sit at the intersection of travel, personal finance, and puzzle solving. The latter point is what keeps me engaged, particularly in that the rules, opportunities, and strategies shift endlessly to achieve the former two goals. With my background, I tend to take a very analytical approach, often rooted in maximizing travel value with a strong emphasis on minimizing hard costs.

In the time honored tradition of “this is just to help me communicate to my friends and family,” this blog chronicles my points-addled brain and my attempts to share it with those immediately around me.


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