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Stacking Promos for Fun – Earning 116+ Hilton HHonors per Dollar

This is just an example and perhaps a quick brag for what gets me excited… Forgive me. Advertisements

Does passport appearance matter?

It’s time for me to get a new passport which disappoints me a bit as I’ve had a bit of a theory that the photo matters. Does it really?

Credit reports, car insurance, and points for buying a car

About a week ago, I posted about a concerning disclosure included in our car insurance that indicated our rate not the best that could be offered due to credit factors. Since then, the car bug bit, we’re buying a new car, and I thought I’d share the additional information I’ve learned about how credit is […]

Come on Flo!?!? A small warning about churning and car insurance

“We did not give you our lowest premium due, in part, to information contained in your credit history.” When my auto insurance rates went up by ~26% on my latest 6 month renewal, my first instinct was to shop around. After getting a few quotes that were (unsurprisingly) no better, I stopped and decided to […]

Cars – Changing Capital One Reservation and Is Earning Saving?

In the last couple weeks, I posted a series of approaches to booking cars inexpensively and separately a post¬†about the sort of decisions that point values help with. Today brought the two together in the best possible way, while also giving me a chance to test changing a Capital One car reservation, so let’s get […]

Easy Path to the Southwest Companion Pass Returns

The best domestic reward option is back (with a few caveats described below).

It’s Closing Time…

The simplest advice for people who are picking up miles on credit card bonuses is that you open a card, meet the spending goal for the bonus, and sock the card away until a month or so before the annual fee is due and then cancel.¬†That said, there’s more to it than that. Gary @ […]