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Stray Odds and Ends – Oct 4 2012

A random recap of some recent posts and a few off-the-cuff comments… The 32-credit widely targeted Airtran credit card offer from Chase has been generating quite a bit of traffic and it’s worth noting that it expires today, October 4th. In the meantime, a 16 credit offer page has went public. A notable update is […]

October App-O-Rama

There’s a lot of gnashing of teeth occasionally whether you can play the churning game over the long haul. Sometimes I’m still amazed at the number of cards out there and strategies. At least in the current form, there seems to be no end to the opportunities. My background: Excellent, 15-20 year credit history. Scores […]

New Orleans – Flight Award Strategies

There are many reasons to visit New Orleans, LA (NOLA) however airfare can be challenging at times. This post examines the routes and alternative options that may help you find that difficult to find flight.

It’s Closing Time…

The simplest advice for people who are picking up miles on credit card bonuses is that you open a card, meet the spending goal for the bonus, and sock the card away until a month or so before the annual fee is due and then cancel.┬áThat said, there’s more to it than that. Gary @ […]

I didn’t think I’d be applying again so soon…

It’s pretty interesting being seeing how far I can push the credit card sign-up approach despite having done this for years. Sometimes I surprise myself.

Northern lights in Alaska – Travel booking lessons learned

I’m following up on this post with some additional travel information on our weekend trip to Fairbanks to check out the northern lights.

Thoughts on the Value of BA to Iberia Transfers

A few days ago, I posted an initial reaction to the transfer of British Airways Avios to Iberia Avios and the impact on award bookings. In short, a major weakness of BA Avios has been using them on awards to Europe due to fuel surcharges. As that post showed, redeeming via a transfer to Iberia […]