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$75 for two $500 direct deposits to Amex Pre-Paid

Amex appears to be targeting current holders of the Amex Pre-Paid card $50 for two $250 direct deposits or $75 for two $500 direct deposits. Personally, I’m a big fan of the American Express Pre-Paid card and Chase Ink Bold combo to turn lots of spending into 5 UR per dollar and have been doing […]

I didn’t think I’d be applying again so soon…

It’s pretty interesting being seeing how far I can push the credit card sign-up approach despite having done this for years. Sometimes I surprise myself.

Mrs. NF’s Apps – Eating our own dog food

We eat our own dog food over here and I thought I’d share how it tastes. Over the last couple years, I’ve learned a number of rules that are best respected so as to play this game the best way possible over the long term. We just broke one of the 5 below by applying […]