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What’s a Best Western Point Worth?

Not long ago, I applied for a Best Western Mastercard offering 48k points on first purchase and no annual fee, followed by a targeted offer of 16k BW on 3 months of spending $750, I found myself wondering how I would value these but assumed $.01/pt initially. Since then, I’ve meant to go back and […]

Best Western Ends Best Rate Guarantee

I was looking for an inexpensive, basic hotel recently and started with one of my favorite approaches, one that I referenced just a week ago. I always meant to detail that approach (though as usual Loyalty Traveler did a good job) but in a nutshell, it was quite easy to find a relatively inexpensive Best […]

Pleasant Surprises from Barclays (e.g. 16k BW on $750+/mo on 3 mos)

Ok, ok it’s been a while. Life got busy with travel, a hurricane, a major product release at my real job, and well… Let me just say that I don’t know how the every-day bloggers manage it. I could write a whole post on that (and tried to on a flight home but it got […]

I didn’t think I’d be applying again so soon…

It’s pretty interesting being seeing how far I can push the credit card sign-up approach despite having done this for years. Sometimes I surprise myself.