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Cars – Changing Capital One Reservation and Is Earning Saving?

In the last couple weeks, I posted a series of approaches to booking cars inexpensively and separately a post about the sort of decisions that point values help with. Today brought the two together in the best possible way, while also giving me a chance to test changing a Capital One car reservation, so let’s get […]

Car rentals gone mad – Fighting back!

In a couple of weeks, we have a quick trip to Milwaukee again (yes, just 3 weeks after the last one). I’ve had pretty good luck with rentals there so I didn’t bother checking rates in advance. They were initially $300+ for a Friday night to Monday night rental. I thought they surely would go […]

Mrs. NF’s Apps – Eating our own dog food

We eat our own dog food over here and I thought I’d share how it tastes. Over the last couple years, I’ve learned a number of rules that are best respected so as to play this game the best way possible over the long term. We just broke one of the 5 below by applying […]