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Chase Airtran Visa – Finer Details and Possibly Bonus Reduction

It’s been a while… I know. ¬†Firstly, New Orleans received its first 787 flight! Not by design. Anyway, I’ll dive right in though with some updates on the finer details of the Chase Airtran card I covered when it first came out about 10 weeks ago. Advertisements

Deconstructing Southwest Awards to Extend Expiration

Ok, so I read obscure references to this but perhaps missed the point. Airtran and Southwest credits (NOT points) expire after 1 year. Or do they?!? Apparently small things behave very differently than anything big which is a wonderful and significant story (for frequent fliers).

Stray Odds and Ends – Oct 4 2012

A random recap of some recent posts and a few off-the-cuff comments… The 32-credit widely targeted Airtran credit card offer from Chase has been generating quite a bit of traffic and it’s worth noting that it expires today, October 4th. In the meantime, a 16 credit offer page has went public. A notable update is […]

$75 for two $500 direct deposits to Amex Pre-Paid

Amex appears to be targeting current holders of the Amex Pre-Paid card $50 for two $250 direct deposits or $75 for two $500 direct deposits. Personally, I’m a big fan of the American Express Pre-Paid card and Chase Ink Bold combo to turn lots of spending into 5 UR per dollar and have been doing […]

83% off Amex GC at Winn Dixie?

“Wow…. I’ve never rang up such a large total before” said the Winn Dixie clerk as I checked out. I’m getting ahead of myself though.