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October App-O-Rama

There’s a lot of gnashing of teeth occasionally whether you can play the churning game over the long haul. Sometimes I’m still amazed at the number of cards out there and strategies. At least in the current form, there seems to be no end to the opportunities. My background: Excellent, 15-20 year credit history. Scores […]

New Chase Airtran Credit Card – 1 round-trip or 2 (targeted)

This week’s been a good one for watching my email! Both my wife and I received a solicitations from Chase to apply for the Airtran credit card which is offering an excellent 32 credits (4 one-ways) and 2 business class upgrades after spending $2,000 in the first 3 months (vs. 16 credits on $1000 spending […]

Easy Path to the Southwest Companion Pass Returns

The best domestic reward option is back (with a few caveats described below).

I didn’t think I’d be applying again so soon…

It’s pretty interesting being seeing how far I can push the credit card sign-up approach despite having done this for years. Sometimes I surprise myself.

Mrs. NF’s Apps – Eating our own dog food

We eat our own dog food over here and I thought I’d share how it tastes. Over the last couple years, I’ve learned a number of rules that are best respected so as to play this game the best way possible over the long term. We just broke one of the 5 below by applying […]