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October App-O-Rama

There’s a lot of gnashing of teeth occasionally whether you can play the churning game over the long haul. Sometimes I’m still amazed at the number of cards out there and strategies. At least in the current form, there seems to be no end to the opportunities. My background: Excellent, 15-20 year credit history. Scores […]

Is it wrong to redeem miles for magazines?

A few days ago, I received my renewal notice for my subscription to the Economist which reminded me that I’d subscribed last year using Delta miles. I just checked and it’s still available for 3,200 miles from Delta, US Airways, American, or United. I checked Southwest and saw no sign of magazines for miles there. […]

$75 for two $500 direct deposits to Amex Pre-Paid

Amex appears to be targeting current holders of the Amex Pre-Paid card $50 for two $250 direct deposits or $75 for two $500 direct deposits. Personally, I’m a big fan of the American Express Pre-Paid card and Chase Ink Bold combo to turn lots of spending into 5 UR per dollar and have been doing […]

A sad anniversary

In this hobby, it pays to track the details. Looking at a spreadsheet where I plan out my major spending patterns to maximize bonus categories and spending targets, I noticed a sad anniversary.

Ultimate Night Giveaway – Park Plaza – 50k Club Carlson Points for 1 night

Park Plaza is following in the other Radisson brands footsteps with it’s own big promo, structured just like the others.

83% off Amex GC at Winn Dixie?

“Wow…. I’ve never rang up such a large total before” said the Winn Dixie clerk as I checked out. I’m getting ahead of myself though.

Quick tips – Dining bonuses

Almost all the airlines (and a couple hotels) have dining programs that offer 3 miles or so per dollar spent (+ bonuses). All appears to be run by the same outfit Рrewardsnetwork.com. I use them occasionally and so know which of our local restaurants are onboard with them.