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What’s a Best Western Point Worth?

Not long ago, I applied for a Best Western Mastercard offering 48k points on first purchase and no annual fee, followed by a targeted offer of 16k BW on 3 months of spending $750, I found myself wondering how I would value these but assumed $.01/pt initially. Since then, I’ve meant to go back and […]

Mixed Feelings About Southwest CP Turning to Excitement

It started with me recommending Southwest Companion Pass strategies to friends (that mostly traveled domestically and shouldn’t pursue status) but noting it wasn’t for me. Then I tiptoed in a bit when a shopping deal came up that brought me about half way there and was just too good a deal to pass up, regardless of the […]

Southwest Companion Pass Decision Time

Approximately 60k Southwest Points just posted via a gift card deal and I’m now around 44k short of the Southwest Companion Pass. I’ve been struggling with whether to push forward to the companion pass. With those having posted, it’s time for some deep analysis on whether it’s worth it for us… And by writing it […]

Points Save the Day – But Don’t Forget Diversification & Holds

In the last week, I’ve been chatting with my step-mom. In a bit of a rush, she booked 2 award tickets for her son and grandson to attend an important family event and did so at the 50k AA domestic AAnytime level. Paid tickets were ~$700 for an economy round-trip schedules that worked. I for one […]