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$75 for two $500 direct deposits to Amex Pre-Paid

Amex appears to be targeting current holders of the Amex Pre-Paid card $50 for two $250 direct deposits or $75 for two $500 direct deposits. Personally, I’m a big fan of the American Express Pre-Paid card and Chase Ink Bold combo to turn lots of spending into 5 UR per dollar and have been doing […]

Southwest Companion Pass Decision Time

Approximately 60k Southwest Points just posted via a gift card deal and I’m now around 44k short of the Southwest Companion Pass. I’ve been struggling with whether to push forward to the companion pass. With those having posted, it’s time for some deep analysis on whether it’s worth it for us… And by writing it […]

83% off Amex GC at Winn Dixie?

“Wow…. I’ve never rang up such a large total before” said the Winn Dixie clerk as I checked out. I’m getting ahead of myself though.