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No Grand Slam? Transfer e-Rewards to Hertz!

Last month, I broke down what I thought was a fair value for a Hertz Gold Plus Point. While I settled on $.07/point, it wasn’t easy and could vary dramatically based on your individual situation. While investigating for the post though, I noted how hard it was to generate free car rentals without, you know, […]

What’s a Hertz Gold Plus Point Worth?

I’m always on the lookout for ways to reduce car rental costs and/or earn some value back on those that I do pay for. One that I’ve struggled with for a while is whether Hertz points are worthwhile.

Car rentals gone mad – Fighting back!

In a couple of weeks, we have a quick trip to Milwaukee again (yes, just 3 weeks after the last one). I’ve had pretty good luck with rentals there so I didn’t bother checking rates in advance. They were initially $300+ for a Friday night to Monday night rental. I thought they surely would go […]