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Stacking Promos for Fun – Earning 116+ Hilton HHonors per Dollar

This is just an example and perhaps a quick brag for what gets me excited… Forgive me. Advertisements

Quick Trip to Pensacola

My sister and niece are visiting at the moment and over the last few trips down they’ve done a lot of what a 4 year old can appreciate in New Orleans so it was time to venture out of the area. Over the last few years, we’ve sampled quite a few of the hotel chains […]

Up to 15k Virgin Atlantic (30k HH) on 5 Hilton Stays

Just received an email from Virgin Atlantic with what appears to be an open promotion offering progressively larger bonuses for Hilton stays between Sep 26 and Dec 31 which, after 5 stays, totals 15k bonus Virgin Atlantic miles. This is in addition to your regular HHonors and Virgin Atlantic earnings. This only applies to reservations made […]

I didn’t think I’d be applying again so soon…

It’s pretty interesting being seeing how far I can push the credit card sign-up approach despite having done this for years. Sometimes I surprise myself.

Why I Love Hilton

Most of my travel consists of trips between my home office and our small company’s office in Minneapolis.  When there, I mostly stay with friends/family.  So, unlike many that travel for business, I really don’t pick up many hotel points and when I do, I’m usually very cost sensitive which makes establishing status difficult if […]

Quick tips – Dining bonuses

Almost all the airlines (and a couple hotels) have dining programs that offer 3 miles or so per dollar spent (+ bonuses). All appears to be run by the same outfit – rewardsnetwork.com. I use them occasionally and so know which of our local restaurants are onboard with them.