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Stacking Promos for Fun – Earning 116+ Hilton HHonors per Dollar

This is just an example and perhaps a quick brag for what gets me excited… Forgive me. Advertisements

What’s a Best Western Point Worth?

Not long ago, I applied for a Best Western Mastercard offering 48k points on first purchase and no annual fee, followed by a targeted offer of 16k BW on 3 months of spending $750, I found myself wondering how I would value these but assumed $.01/pt initially. Since then, I’ve meant to go back and […]

What’s a Hertz Gold Plus Point Worth?

I’m always on the lookout for ways to reduce car rental costs and/or earn some value back on those that I do pay for. One that I’ve struggled with for a while is whether Hertz points are worthwhile.

Southwest points are worth 1.8 cents each

Most legacy airline points programs are variable value. In other words, 25,000 miles might get me a cheap round-trip to Atlanta worth $250 or (if I’m lucky and work hard) a weekend in Alaska valued at $750+ or even more. That’s part of the fun. When Southwest revised it’s program a while back, they moved […]

Why Establish Dollar Values for Points?

I started writing up a few posts that attempt to value frequent flyer miles and points in programs that aren’t covered as well as others. As I did that, it dawned on me that the approach and uses for point values may be a bit obscure and the¬†utility¬†and limits of it not obvious. For me, […]