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We Made it to Barcelona!

This trip started when I asked my wife whether she’d consider a quick Thanksgiving trip abroad instead of visiting family (sorry family!). With only 10 vacation days a year, a 4-day holiday is a rare opportunity to travel further than Minneapolis, Denver, Phoenix, or New York for a weekend! ┬áReluctantly, she said Barcelona… Advertisements

Quick Trip to Pensacola

My sister and niece are visiting at the moment and over the last few trips down they’ve done a lot of what a 4 year old can appreciate in New Orleans so it was time to venture out of the area. Over the last few years, we’ve sampled quite a few of the hotel chains […]

New Orleans – Flight Award Strategies

There are many reasons to visit New Orleans, LA (NOLA) however airfare can be challenging at times. This post examines the routes and alternative options that may help you find that difficult to find flight.

Cape Town Mileage Run – March 2012

Between February and April, I logged 39 segments covering nearly 76,000 miles and touched 5 continents. That was by far the most I’ve ever flown in such a short period. I’m slowly going back and documenting some of those travels. In this post, I’m going to cover a very quick mileage run I took to […]

Northern lights in Alaska – Travel booking lessons learned

I’m following up on this post with some additional travel information on our weekend trip to Fairbanks to check out the northern lights.

Northern Lights

Northern Lights in Alaska – Trip Report

Though NOLA’s been dry, it’s also been awfully hot this past week (just shy of record setting) so what better time than now to revisit our crazy cold trip to Fairbanks, AK in March.